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Září 2014

Text - engl.

25. září 2014 v 18:34 | Tomáš Macháček
Blood from my veins may splatter
But it wouldn´t matter
Since I´m leaving
In this late hour

Strolling to my pad
I´m willingly sad
´cause you´re making me mad

In a Belladonic haze
I´m spending my days
I can´t find a way
For you to stay
Maybe it´s too late
And loneliness is my fate

Smoking on the window ledge
Is like standing on the mirror´s edge

Between day and night
And the darkness full of light

I´ll never forget all your smiles
Although it´s a thousand miles
Between your lips and my arms

In my eyes you smile like an angel
In my heart you stab like a traitor
In my soul you burn like a fire
And with my words I whisper your desire

Sniffing parfume in the air
I can see you everywhere
You are with me

Your sunshine smile
And lovely temper
Weren´t enough to redeem my soul

I hope you¨re happy and full of life
I feel rotten from inside
And my sins of not making you happy will haunt me forever

Your wardrobe´s wider than a mile
Oh baby, I love your style
Your dream-making looks
And heart-breaking shouts
Burn all of my books
And silent my doubts

We can talk from night to day
Until the Moon and stars fade away

I´m a breeze (I´m surrounding you)
Kissing gently your cheeks (So you gently blush)
Tangling your hair (Weaving your plaits)
Singing in your ears (Making you dance)
Drying your eyes (Drinking your tears)
And biting your nose (Making you laugh)

Girl, take off your shoes
And throw away your blues
Lead me to the dance floor
And show me what you´re made for

You seem to be strong
But I know that you´re brittle
I can find you in a throng
And fear just a little

Sipping from a cup
Your skin, always so fair
No need for make-up
And you just don´t care

I can´t stop blurting out
You´re all I need to think about

I´m a raft
And you´re a shore
If you save me once
I won´t leave you anymore

I could never lie
That if you should ever die
I´d lay beside you
The privilege is mine

And the Sun is going down
The last beams are shining
On your perfect face
That never needs no styling

Burning candles
Making lovely glitter
This night´s endless
And the streets are full of litter

When the Moon hits the Earth
And turns me into ashes
Wait for my new birth
And hide me in your lashes