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Únor 2017

Lucy & La Mer

26. února 2017 v 22:57 | Tomáš Macháček
Zatím zůstáváme v LA


24. února 2017 v 14:21 | Tomáš Macháček
Velmi nadějná indie kapela z Lon Angeles

Madder Rose

19. února 2017 v 8:49 | Tomáš Macháček
Velmi příjemná devadesátková, indie rocková kapela z New York City

Lisa Mitchell - Warriors (2016)

16. února 2017 v 14:08 | Tomáš Macháček
Čtyři roky a Lissie je konečně zpět a já si připadám závislák, který dostal po dlouhém absťáku svoji dávku!
V určitém smyslu bych řekl, že jde o syntézu prvních dvou alb. Máme tu samply, ale i tradiční kytaru a piano. Celkové vyznění desky je spíš melancholické. A teď mě omluvte, jdu poslouchat dokud mi neupadnou uši.

The Ladies of Shoegaze

14. února 2017 v 11:56 | Tomáš Macháček
I guess I´m not the only one who noticed that practically every woman that has/had something to do with shoegaze/dreampop tends to be talented, witty and of course very beautiful. It just can´t be a coincidence! I want to show I´m right about it and that´s pretty much the reason I made this little chart (probably hugely incomplete). It´s in no particular order though. Also, I´m open to suggestions, so feel free to comment

Billinda Butcher (My Bloody Valentine)

I think it´s safe to start with the "prototype" of a shoegaze cutie - Bilinda. Well, isn´t she just lovely?

Rachel Goswell (Slowdive)

The chart continues with simply gorgeous Rachel

Sometimes it´s really hard to choose just a couple of pics

Katka Elznicová, Simona Kuchárová and Jana Karlíková (Manon Meurt)

Now let us see some Czech shoegaze babes!

(Left to right - Síma and Katka)

and the new bassist is Jana Karlíková

Viktorie Marksová, Sára Adámková and Veronika Janošková (DIV I DED)

Viktorie is the singer of the first album

Sára´s career in the band was short, but we all hope it will carry on some day soon

The newest singer Veronika. Hopefully, the album number 2 with her vocals will be out soon

Alex Gehring (Ringo Deathstarr)

Boy, was that hard to choose!

Joanna Doran (The Telescopes)

It was a tad difficult to find a decent picture, so I add a video too

Irena Libovická aka Irna Libowitz (The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa)

Nah I couldn´t really find many pics

Emma Anderson (Lush)

For everyone who has a thing for Emma

Miki Berenyi (Lush)

No chance I could overlook the charismatic redhaired frontwoman of Lush!

Hope Sandoval (Mazzy Star)

Who else?

Maja Thurnberg (Star Horse)

Shoegaze girl from Sweden

Liz Fraser (Cocteau Twins)

The one and only...

Toni Halliday

Honestly, I believe that Toni could be a pro model

Teneil Throssell (Dark Bells)

They really shouldn´t have called it a day

Sarah Shannon (Velocity Girl)

The heart and soul (and the least geeky member) of Velocity Girl

Vanessa Cea (Trementina)

Hailing from a far away country named Chile

Seana Carmody (Swirlies)

Rorika Long (The Fleeting Joys)

Pam Berry (Black Tambourine)

Moar American shoegaze ladies!

Paula Kelley

Lyubov Soloveva

And now from Russia (with love)

Daniela Rivera (Sien)

Daniela just doesn´t age at all!

Petra Roddis (The Charlottes)

Kathryn Smith (Secret Shine)

Salli Carson (Bleach)

Rachel De Freitas and Rose Carlotti (The Heart Throbs)

Sisters Rachel (left) and Rose (right)

And some more pics of Rose

Nicola Schultz (Swirl)

Aussie gazer Nicola!

Samira Winter (Winter)

Brazilian born Samira from a band named after her surname

Morgane Caux and Anabelle Chapalain (Venera 4)

Morgane (left) and Annabelle (right) are two French beauties from Venera 4

Beth Thompson (Medicine)

Lauren Shusterich (Wildhoney)

Wildhoney come from Baltimore. They sound great but their sound isn´t the only attraction for sure!

Michelle Malley (Iris)

You probably haven´t heard of them (yet), but you definitely need to check´em out

Alison Shaw (Cranes)

Alison Shaw - enough said

Louise Trehy (Swallow)

Kaitlyn Ni Donovan (The High Violets)


Micheala Klímková (Here)

or so I guess

Meytal (Honeyslide)

Melissa Arpin (Astrobrite, lovesliescrushing)

Andrea Lewis (The Darling Buds)

Now this might be a totally edgy or a completely lame move. Their album Erotica (1992) was quite shoegazey but otherwise they had this sweet indie pop sound

Sunflower Bean

9. února 2017 v 8:40 | Tomáš Macháček
Nový článek, nová kapela. Brooklyn zůstává. Skvělá indie kytarovka Sunflower Bean


Vivienne Eastwood

7. února 2017 v 20:35 | Tomáš Macháček
Opět trochu toho gazingu z Brooklynu


Cutty Flam

4. února 2017 v 10:57 | Tomáš Macháček
Velmi příjemná retro záležitost a přátelé Summer Twins, se kterými si trochu zablbli v tomto videu

Zatím toho moc nevydali, no...


Polly Scattergood

2. února 2017 v 4:36 | Tomáš Macháček



V podstatě recept na zaručený úspěch. Ne jinak je tomu u Polly Scattergood